Over the past 3 decades, Autograph Sales & Installations have been supplying West End quality sound design and installation to a diverse range of clients in education, regional theatre, the military, house of worship, live entertainment, sporting venues, bars, clubs and even the London Stock Exchange.

To appreciate the quality of our installations, you need to understand a little of our company history. Autograph Sales & Installations was established in 1982, to complement our sister company, Autograph Sound.

Pioneers in theatre sound design since 1972, Autograph Sound was born out of the growing need for a modern approach to live sound reinforcement and the increasing importance of audio in live stage shows. After almost a decade focussed on theatre sound design and rental, the company realised that the design principles, system engineering, technical expertise and equipment they had introduced to theatre and musical production was just as relevant to those wanting to buy rather than rent, and just as applicable in fields outside the theatre world.

Autograph Sales & Installations was founded specifically to address the wider marketplace whilst maintaining the standards of quality and innovation established by Autograph Sound.

The Autograph Installation Process

When a client chooses to work with us, our first step is to appoint a dedicated project manager to oversee the entire job. Executive responsibility for the successful completion of the project, including all financial, technical and operational issues rests with this person and they will be your primary point of contact from inception to sign-off. This ensures maximum communication between us and our clients and massively contributes to the efficiency of the whole project.

All our project managers have design experience and first-class technical ability, ensuring that you make the right choice for your venue today – yet with consideration to technology & expansion in the future.

Starting with a site visit to discuss your expectations of the venue, we will then follow up with system design(s) offering you the highest quality audio solution for your space, within the confines of your budget.

Next, we would demo the main elements of the proposed system in your venue. Once a decision has been made on what you would like to purchase, a schedule would be proposed and installation can commence.

After commissioning the system, we provide a manual unique to your system and can also offer training for key personnel. Although Autograph provide an unrivalled super-warranty on our installations, we also offer you the option to purchase a support agreement for up to 5 years, such is our faith in the quality of both our workmanship and the equipment supplied. We believe that our investment in pre- and post-sales service is what helps define Autograph and sets us apart.

The completion of a project is, for us, only the start of the relationship. Google+ LinkedIn