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Autograph Get Chic And Stylish At West End Installation

A trendy new London rendezvous now offers patrons a superior auditory experience courtesy of Autograph Sales and Installations.

"Chic appeal by day and a magical, atmospheric experience by night."

The recently opened rooftop bar and venue called ‘Vista’ sits atop the Trafalgar hotel. Providing a stylish and chic appeal by day and a magical, atmospheric experience by night, it is aimed at social gatherings, celebratory events and fashionable entertainment in a prime central London location. The hotel’s initial aim was to transform the space in to a revitalised bar and function area, appealing both to hotel guests and non-residents alike, an ambition now realised in some style - visit the website and check out the experience here.

Designed and specified by Autograph Sales and Installations following a brief provided by Trafalgar staff and renowned London-based interior design company Blacksheep, the new systems was completely installed, commissioned and programmed by Autograph Sales and Installations personnel.

Capable of providing muti-zoned music playback and sound reinforcement for all areas, with the ability to sub-hire and patch in DJ’s or even live music events as necessary, the system is controlled by the functional and adaptable Allen and Heath IDR system. Volume and input control over the individual rooftop zones is provided by locally installed IDR control panels in conjunction with a master control option presented to staff on the front panel of the system processor.

On top of the Trafalgar hotel

The Viewing Lounge area features JBL Control 25 loudspeakers, chosen by Autograph Sales and Installations for their low profile and predictable output coverage pattern. Eight of these units are installed just beneath the roof top line so as not to impede sight lines from the visitor space. Funktion One MB-112 sub woofers have been installed into the bench seats to supplement the JBL speakers and provide depth and an extended frequency range.

The Middle Terrace area contains four Funktion One F-55 loudspeakers installed in a line above the public seating area, again supplemented by the MB-112 sub woofers for extended range and depth.

A range of system inputs are available to staff such as CD player, i-Pod input and various DJ patch points, used for special events and occasions. Control over these inputs is via a simple software driven switch and can be activated for each independent area either locally or from the master unit. Yamaha P-Series amplifiers are used to power all areas of the system.

Weather resistance for equipment installed outside also had to be considered, as the venue is completely open to the elements. JBL Control 25’s have an IP rating and their optional extras also provide additional protection as required. Funktion One were more than happy to adapt and add additional weather resistance to the specified products in order that they can withstand the conditions experienced on the rooftop.

Autograph Sales and Installations’ installation activities were co-ordinated with building works in order to hide cabling and infrastructure where possible and practical. Loudspeaker and patch box positions were identified and discussed with the venue and designers to ensure that the best performance of equipment was achieved while also maintaining the aesthetics of the venue, as demonstrated in the accompanying images.


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