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Autograph Sales & Installations Equip Super-Stylish Bar

Often described as the Heston Blumenthal of drinks, acclaimed mixologist Tony Conigliaro opened his latest venture, Untitled Bar, in late 2016. Located in London’s latest ‘hipsterville’, the Kingsland Road in Dalston, the bar serves a changing selection of twelve original cocktails, each named after and designed to evoke a single thing through its sight, smell and taste.

The bar’s stark, minimalist design pays homage to Andy Warhol’s famous Silver Factory in New York, which was decorated with tin foil and acted as a haven for artists, radicals and creatives in the 1960s. Built largely around a vast central table comprising a single 1.5 ton slab of concrete, the new location is completely in tune with Conigliaro’s scientific ‘molecular mixology’ approach to drinks. His famous creations include the Prairie Oyster, which involves using the process of spherification to create an ‘egg yolk’ out of clarified tomato juice, and a bottle-aged negroni.

An essential part of the overall experience is the music that fills the space and Autograph Sales & Installations were contracted to design and install a suitable playback system.

Bespoke playlists created by 8 Track Music Solutions are delivered via an integrated installation designed by Autograph’s Euan Mackenzie. Three Martin Audio CDD8 coaxial loudspeakers are positioned within the main bar space while a pair of CDD5s cover the upper restaurant space, all augmented by a single Martin Audio CSX112 subwoofer. All loudspeakers are powered by three Lab.Gruppen E 12:2 amplifiers and Euan’s design includes spare capacity for the system to be expanded into other areas as the location develops.

System DSP for zone control and equalisation is by a Yamaha MTX-3 processor which also provides auto-level sensing via two discreet ceiling microphones, allowing the playback level to adjust itself according to changes in ambient noise. A Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 MkII USB interface provides the link between the playback device (a Mac Mini) and the Yamaha. Realtime control over the system is via a dedicated Yamaha hardware controller but the system is also capable of accepting control input from and iPad or iPhone.

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