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Autograph Updates Theatrical Facilities At St Paul's Girl's School

Autograph recently carried out a major upgrade to the already extensive theatrical education facilities at St Paul’s Girls School in west London, including new backstage paging and relay systems. This follows the installation of the first Meyer Sound CAL loudspeaker system in the UK, also supplied and installed by Autograph, about which you can learn more HERE

The new backstage systems were necessitated by the building of a new drama studio which replaced the previous facility and which, unlike its predecessor, is on the same floor level as the main theatre. Nearby classrooms can be temporarily repurposed as dressing rooms so they contain relay loudspeakers as does the new theatre workshop and office. In total the new system covers eight separate zones but those which are multi-purpose spaces can easily be excluded from the paging system when necessary, and any zone can be addressed as FOH or backstage.

Unusually, the DSP (Digital Signal Processing) for the new backstage systems is not done locally. The QSC Q-SYS Core 250i processor located in the main hall, previously installed by Autograph and which runs all the audio and A/V automation for that room plus the audio in the cafeteria, also now provides the digital horsepower to run the new paging systems. The school buildings are outfitted with a site-wide fibre-optic data transport network (with wireless access) which allows full-range audio inputs to be fed from the new drama studio to the processor then back with the appropriate treatment via a single input and output frame located in the drama studio’s amp room. Apart from being a very efficient use of existing technology, this arrangement also makes it easy for the school’s AV staff to access and control anything on the network, including the new systems, from any convenient fixed or mobile network connection point.

Both the new paging and show relay systems can also be controlled from one of three TSC3 touch screens, each with a detachable paging mic and physical paging buttons which can be locked out via an internal key lock mechanism. Autograph also constructed and supplied two bespoke wall-mounted paging stations.

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