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Highgate Cemetery

Highgate Cemetery is one of seven private cemeteries opened in London between 1833 and 1841, created to deal with the combination of a booming city population and a high mortality rate, resulting in the need to deal effectively and hygienically with the increasing numbers of dead.

This was an unusual project in a number of respects, and required some ingenuity to meet the clients brief

The combination of Highgate’s elevated position, magnificent architecture and beautiful landscaping attracted a wealthy and diverse clientele, and in due course it became one of the most fashionable cemeteries in London. Perhaps best known for the interment of philosopher Karl Marx, other famous names include Jeremy Beadle, Charles Landseer, Max Wall, Sir Ralph Richardson, Felixks Topolski and Patrick Wymark.

The Highgate Cemetery Chapel is one of two chapels within the Grade One listed complex, and is a multi-role space handling functions, lectures, tours and funerary duties. Autograph Sales & Installations were asked to specify and install a high quality audio system for voice reinforcement and gentle playback. Robin McCarthy and Paul Johnson oversaw the project, which was made somewhat more challenging by the listed status of the building (which among other things necessitated the use of OHLS cabling) and the need for the system to be extremely discreet.

A quartet of Meyer Sound MM4-XP self-powered miniature loudspeakers were installed using custom-made brackets, in addition to a single Meyer Sound MM10 subwoofer, Countryman lectern mics and a Sennheiser wireless system.

Robin McCarthy said, ‘This was an unusual project in a number of respects, and required some ingenuity and understanding to deliver the quality and unobtrusiveness required by the client whilst staying within the regulations concerning listed monuments. The Meyer Sound MM4-XPs were perfect for this, and our experience of working in singular environments allowed us to meet the client’s brief’.

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